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Small - A5 (6x8")

Mounted size A4 (8×10″)


For one subject

Ideal for Head and Neck Portraits

MEDIUM - A4 (8x12")

Mounted size 12×16″


For one subject

additional subject + £30

Ideal for Head and Neck or Full Body 


Large -A3 (12x16")

Mounted size 16×20″


For one subject

each additional subject + £50

Ideal for Full body or multiple subjects

Xlarge - A2 (16x24")

Not mounted


For one subject

each additional subject + £50

Ideal for Multiple subjects


Don’t know and need help or want other size? Just contact me to discuss

Price depend on the size of the portrait, the number of pets/people within the same portrait, and type of background. Each portrait takes many hours to complete, the larger the portrait the longer it takes. 

Note that worldwide shipping is included in prices above.

These prices are for standard sizes that are the most popular and will fit in standard sized frames. I offer custom sizes too for an unique personal portrait size, just get in touch if you have a particular size in mind. I will also suggest the best size (eg. square, or different dimensions) if it will give a better composition. I am more than happy to discuss with you exactly how you would like your portrait to look before booking.

For very detailed backgrounds (e.g. flowers, trees, nature etc) there might be an additional fee depending on the complexity and amount of work.

For a graphite pencil portrait (black and white) the price is 75% of a colored pencil portrait.

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